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I enjoy leading and working with a cross function agile team finding creative ways to solve problems utilizing out of the box thinking and concept to completion ownership and care. I have a strong technical background programming in UNIX/Linux, Perl, PHP, C, Java, Oracle, Postgres, and MySQL working with web sites and databases. Experiences in working directly with the business to meet corporate goals combined with my technical skills make me a great asset to any team.

Please take a look at my resume below.

Cliff Hearn

Personal Cell: (205) 529-6384

Profile of Qualifications
Results oriented professional with strong management, coordinating, programming and administrative skills. A proven team player and motivating leader with established strengths in innovative thinking, adaptability, communication, networking, fine details, and timeliness. Experienced in problem solving with technical and non-technical management, employees, and contractors to realize a team solution that will benefit corporate goals. Experienced in balancing high performance versus corporate cost by implementing UNIX-Oracle / LAMP solutions to fit need including most flavors of UNIX and Linux.

Professional Experience
  • Programmer Analyst IV (Lead), Regions - Birmingham, Alabama
    Serving as lead and primary contact for all issues with the mission critical Money Transfer System (ACI-MTS) by interfacing with internal and external clients, vendors, QA, corporate security, audit, and business partners. Using problem-solving skills to improve design and reduce risk by streamlining data flow, adding tracking system for documentation, and adding module-coding techniques to reduce overhead (AIX/Oracle/ksh/Perl). Designed real-time querying software to address audit, strategic planning, and fraud alert needs. Providing analytical support to identify and drive improvements in reporting abilities and backup strategy. Doozer Software (30 day contract to hire) - Upgraded SWIFT international relationship management system.
  • Senior Programmer Analyst (Lead), FIS - Birmingham, Alabama
    Served as team lead, designed and built applications to better serve the clients of our customer relationship management software called Connections. Used soft skills to bring team closer and solve personal issues while working towards a better group dynamic. Used problem-solving skills to resolve issues, help clients, create a more stable system, and create disaster recovery plans for handling future issues.
  • Marketing Support/Services - Consumer Insight & Analytics, Group O (AT&T) - Birmingham, Alabama
    Scripting in UNIX / Linux designed and built mechanization system for Teradata reports by storing SQL and Excel formatting information in Oracle. System includes web and cron scheduled emails for validation and Excel reporting. Designed Oracle database to store nation wide U-verse usage. Approximately 1.2 billion records.
  • Senior Subject Matter Expert/Technical Architect, Amdocs (Contact with AT&T) - Birmingham, Alabama
    Lead team in implementing FL Extended Area Service (EAS) expansion, adding over 2 million calling points while coming in under budget (LAMP environment - Perl & bash). Completed conversion of Legacy AT&T tariffs to Legacy BellSouth's Catalog of Prices and Rates system (BCPR); BCPR system was named best practices by new AT&T (UNIX-Oracle environment - ksh).
  • Technical Architect, AT&T - Birmingham, Alabama
    Employee commendation for implementing State Commission ordered service restoration to 7 central office switches that were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina; about 4,000 customers were impacted (LAMP). Lead team in implementing expanded local calling area expansions that impacted over 200,000 AT&T customers by giving them larger calling areas. Mechanized interface into SimCall for billing simulations. Implemented a reign wide V&H coordinate upgrade on schedule in spite of multiple roadblocks (LAMP).
  • Senior Manager of Pricing Strategy (Senior Programmer/Analyst), BellSouth - Birmingham, Alabama
    Garnered multi-millions in annual benefits by mechanizing BellSouth's billing of switched access usage. Saved Network Services annual head count by mechanizing system feeds (ksh & C:D). Created best in class pricing, usage, and carrier access analysis tools for strategic pricing by directing IT purchases, installation, and configuration of multiple large (1TB) database warehouses (Oracle 8i/9i/10g). Targeted top 20% of high value customers for senior management by creating ISP/broadband study. Recovered company assets to assist in Hurricane Katrina losses by coordinating building equipment round up. Managed projects, served as team lead, and developed solutions that fit the client specifications and came in under budget. Migrated/ported and upgraded many applications and systems between DOS/Windows (1.3/9x/NT/2000/XP), LINUX (Red Hat/ Mandrake/ SuSE), and UNIX (HPUX/Solaris).
  • Manager in Usage Analysis (Programmer/Analyst), BellSouth - Birmingham, Alabama
    Reduced internal maintenance by 35% and increased client's update control by designing a customized reporting system, which allows clients access to control their data feeds and reports. Developed applications for updating databases, pushing data to remote sites, customizing reports, downloading data files, and navigating departmental web site. Reduced cost by developing web interfaces and reports to mechanize paper-reporting systems of over 1800 pages that had to be shipped out to multiple office locations across the region. Mechanized system interfaces to allow users a single point web access for multi-system changes including cross system runs, logs, and data transfers.

Independent Contractor
  • Photographer
    Captured weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, and other special occasions. Digitally edited photos to create customized collages, repair water and time damage, or cleanup red-eye and blemishes per client needs.
  • PC Repair/System Assistance/Teacher/Tutor
    Assisted and taught clients how to resolve software and hardware problems, installations, upgrades, and repairs. Helped clients determine the best system for the required needs and budget. Taught clients how to build websites, home networks, write programs, or use software.
  • Website Host/Designer/Programmer
    Assisted clients to have a better web presence by hosting, designing, and maintaining both business and personal websites.

  • Postgraduate Classes - Company Training Program
    Communication Guidelines for Managers, Project Management Fundamentals, Leading Teams: Dealing with Conflict, Leading Teams: Fostering Effective Communication and Collaboration, Java and JSP Programming, Oracle SQL Tuning Techniques, Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, MCSE Classes, MCP, Interactive Web Designing, Java Programming, Relational Database Design, Structured Query Language
  • Troy State University - Troy, Alabama (Bachelor of Science, November 1994)
    Computer Information Science Major
    Business Administration Major

Community Involvement
  • Cub Scout Leader, Pack Photographer, Church Usher, Business Mentor

Computer Skills Current
Skill Name   Experience
DOS/Windows   18 years
UNIX   18 years
LINUX   18 years
Shell Script/ksh/bash   18 years
Perl   15 years
C   15 years
CGI   15 years
HTML   15 years
JavaScript   14 years
PHP   12 years
MySQL   10 years
LAMP   10 years
Oracle   9 years
Team Lead   8 years
Expect   7 years
Project Management   5 years
CSS   5 years
VBA   2 years
Postgres   1 years
Teradata   1 year
Entia   1 year
Total Experience
Most Recent
  • UNIX/ LINUX (18 yrs), Shell Script/Korn/bash (18 yrs), C (15 yrs), Perl (15 yrs), CGI/HTML (15 yrs), JavaScript (14yrs), PHP (12 yrs), MySQL (10 yrs), LAMP (10 yrs), Oracle (9 yrs), CSS (5 yrs), VBA (2 yrs), Postgres (1 yr), Entia (1 yr)
Administrator of
  • LINUX, Connect:Direct, Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server, & UNIX IT Liaison
  • Assembler, Batch Script, C/C++/C# .NET, COBOL II, Expect, FORTRAN, Java/JavaScript, JCL, JECL, Pascal, Perl, Regex, RPGII, Shell Script/ksh/bash, SQL, VBASIC, VBA (Macros Embedded in Word and Excel)
  • Access, dBase IV, Entia, Informix, MySQL, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11gR2, Postgres, Teradata
Operating Systems
  • DOS, Linux (SUSE/Red Hat/Mandrake/Fedora), MVS, UNIX (AIX/HP-UX/Sun Solaris), Vax, VM/ESA, VSE/ESA, Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
Network Applications
  • IPX/SPX, Microsoft Networks, NetBEUI, NetManage, Novell NetWare, TCP/IP
Web Programming
Web Related
  • Apache, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Netscape Enterprise Server
Word Processors
  • AmiPro 3.0, Microsoft Word 2010, Norton Editor, Professional Write, VI, WordPerfect 6.0
  • As-Easy-As 3.01, Microsoft Excel 2010, Lotus 1-2-3 97, QuatroPro 4.0, VP Planner
  • DJM, FTP, FTP Server, Gzip, Kermit, Norton Utilities, pcAnywhere, PC Tools, Pkware, SSH/Telnet, VNC, WinZip, X Windows
Digital Editing / Graphic Design
  • Adobe Photoshop, ImageMagick, Microsoft Photo Editor
Business Function
  • Acrobat, Firefox, KEA, Rumba, Putty, Toad, EM, pgAdmin, SQL Assistant, SQL Developer, MS Office, Lotus Notes

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